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to for tomorrow. highway 101 patchy for the bayshore and for the livermore valley. this will continue. and it could dissipate by night but still lingering for the north bay clearer conditions but some of those high clouds. as for temperatures. on the chilly side away from the coast. 36 in the santa rosa, napa, upper 30's and low 40's for the bayshore. 40's along the coast with those clouds also lingering in your the san mateo coast. upper 50s in the south bay, palo alto. 58 degrees in san jose. for the inland valleys also upper 50s in concord, livermore. they little bit cooler for the east bayshore. and 50s in hayward. all the 50s tomorrow. 50s in ocean beach. 52 in daly city with a range for the north bay. they look at your extended forecast with more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures thursday is one that rainfall will return. light showers. it could linger from a morning. we are expecting improving conditions with more sunshine. . >> gary: coming up the quick review of the 49ers defeat it was not the referees' fault baltimore was better and also the great pop dorfman.. who scor
livermore laboratory that has bay area antinuclear activists concerned. >>> good morning. traffic is moving along well on the san mateo bridge. you see that changeable message sign. it's flashing an amber alert. we'll have more details about that straight ahead. >>> welcome back. the nation's arch diocese released its private file of priests suspected of molesting children. they also removed a top church lead tear had been connected to efforts to conceal that abuse. the decision to release the files came yesterday of years of lawsuits and legal battles. it has a strong support of many of the four million catholics in the los angeles arch diocese. >> i think it's good the information is coming out. >> people need to know. secret city is what keeps the abuse going. >> back in 2007 los angeles arch diocese were involved in a record breaking settlement. it reached a $660 million settlement with more than five million victims of child molestation. >>> a suicide bombing outside of the u.s. embassy has killed two people. kyla campbell has more on what the state department is cig. >> reporter: i pu
have team coverage. terry mcsweeney is in livermore, one of the coldest cities in the bay area. but we begin with joint chief meteorologist jeff ranieri from the weather center. what happens tomorrow morning? >> the temperatures continuing to drop. right now we are tracking temperatures that feel like the 20s out here. let's get a look at that radar and that storm system we dealt with today is now pushed well off to the south. so mainly dry and also clearing conditions. and that is doing this to those temperatures. winds out of the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. making it feel like 36 in napa. 34 in novato, and 32 in fairfield. but you zoom into the east bay, and it feels like the mid-20s here from walnut creek down to pleasanton. this will likely also produce a few areas of ice back into the east bay and also the north bay hills, making it dangerous for tomorrow. the top three coldest spots we are honing in on would be santa rosa, livermore, and also los gatos. if you're heading out tomorrow morning, the best tip for you would be to wear those layers and also give your car plenty o
in oakland. our friends in the east bay from livermore, 31. 35 in concord and just as cool as we were yesterday in san jose at 36. 34 in los gatos. 34 on the coast, though around half moon bay and 32 in watsonville. this morning the big changes come in the north bay as much as 11 degrees colder in napa. and by the delta. elsewhere, san francisco and oakland, certainly cooler. we are looking at some changes tonight as our winds pick up. we will get into an offshore flow. so perhaps some of these colder readings will be offset and we will see some warmer temperatures tonight. but overall we are going to stick with these chilly evenings and the warmer, sunnier days. cold temperatures and the frost as you head on out this morning and we will look for a sunny day today with the winds increasing. the hills in the north and east bay by the late afternoon. the evening hours. and that will allow for some pretty gusty winds but we are looking at our warming trend continuing on track right through the middle of the week. cold, high pressure and the northerly flow continues today and that's allow
that is seeing the most rain is livermore and downtown san francisco where it is the third and 5th driest start ever to a year. we need the rain. nothing out there good for the commute. we will talk about the forecast. we have cool spots around bay at 340 to 45 in san francisco at 7:00, and mild during the lunch hour, and 50 to 54 and temperatures are close to average with sunshine, and upper 50's to low 60's at 4:00 and fall back in the low 50's. frost inland, and around 50 to 55 at noon and 58 to 62 with sunshine this afternoon and temperatures are close to average. headed to the coast it is breezy this morning, and temperatures are around 37 to 41. you will be in the low-to-mid 50's around noon and mid-to-upper 50's at 4:00 and it will not be so breezy. sue? >> we go back to albany, eastbound, 580 a car off on the shoulder and no delays here and you make your way to the richard san rafael bridge westbound, two left lanes are blocked at toll lazy for maintenance work and that will slow your drive as you make your way westbound into marin. northbound 880 in the oakland area at 5th reports of a
good windchills. livermore and santa rosa reporting windchills in the 20s. it's cold for some but a dry forecast this week. you get a good look at that offshore right there. everything going off the coast. that means temperatures anywhere from 30s almost upper 20s to near 50. that 50 is half-moon bay with an offshore breeze. santa rosa 31. that puts their windchill 27. and livermore 26 with an east wind. you can see some of the north wind at napa 8. fairfield north. northeast at oakland. gives you an idea of what is going on. temperatures once they get going will warm up. the warmest temps will be coast and bay or santa rosa which benefits from that north wind. sunny and breezy today. a cold, cold morning. 50s and 60s. low to mid. in fact, this may be the coolest day of the week. we will see warmer temps kick in on tuesday and carry us right probably into friday. pretty good fine line here. each day temps will be warming up here. high pressure sets in on the west coast. over all it looks like a quiet pattern. >>> time now 6:10. bracing for a doctor shortage here in california. what is c
cooler in hayward and concord and six in napa and 12 in livermore and six in san jose and five at sfo. we have temperatures in san francisco and oakland at 42 and 35 in san jose, and near freezing if not sub-freezing inland neighborhoods and headed into the afternoon, check out these temperatures, in the mid-50's along the coast and upper 50's to near 60 with mostly sunny sky. sue? >> we have an update on the accident in san jose, c.h.p. giving a new location northbound 280 the on-ramp to southbound 87, left lane is blocked, injuries involved and they requested two flatbed tow trucks, so both cars injured enough they cannot drive out. it could take time. the alternate is 101 or highway 85 to 17. another injury accident in oakland north 880 blocking the detroit lane and the toll plaza metering lights have just been turned on. kristen and eric? >> boeing is facing a new problem related to the grounding of the boeing 787 dreamliner, running out of packing. boeing is rolling new boeing 787 dreamliner off the production line while the investigation into battery problems continues. as a result,
, jimmy, every day. >>> the livermore woman who was known as hummer mom is back in trouble with the law again just days after being released from state prison for having sex with two 14-year-old boys. >> dan noyes has new details about her parole violation and a new criminal case. >> larry and carolyn, parole agents arrested her friday night after finding porn in her home. i have learned she is the subject of a new cyberbullying investigation. the target, one of her victims. 44-year-old kristine hubbs started off last week following the rules. she checked in with her parole agent who took this picture. she had just been released from state prison after serving two years, nine months for unlawful sex with her daughter's friends, two 14-year-old boys in hotels, a guest room in the family house and the back of her hummer. but they say a surprise check at her new hayward home turned up pornography. >> friday night she was searched by a number of agents from the beast bay parole district and found to be in violation of some of her conditions and was taken into custody. >> hubbs had many cond
. 33 in livermore. some frost expected in those locations. how 40's along the coast and for the afternoon 50s and 60s tomorrow. less wind. it will still nice and the south bank. and 59 degrees in livermore. a bit cooler along oceanside. and 60s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with a drive for the next couple of days. in the will get more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. as we go towards next week with the warmer weather is expected. >> a new growing problem - aquarium dumping. these tiny goldfish that used to be somebody's pets are ending up in lake tahoe. and as you can see have become a monster problem. they are growing bigger and multiplying. and environmentalists. are worried. the giant goldfish are reaching a foot and a half long. they are non native and researchers are pulling them out of the water in more numbers than they care to see. giant goldfish are turning up in lakes an streams around the world. scientists think it's the result of people emptying fish bowls. and in lake tahoe they say this invasive species confirms a new threa
rafael. and 60 in livermore and those in antioch, reached a high of 61. here is a look at current readings down in the 40s, 43 in santa rosa and 51 in san francisco right now. 43 in los gatos and 43 in livermore, clear sky giving way to cold temperatures overnight. the likelihood of inland frost in some spots by early tomorrow morning. it will be a cold start, a mild afternoon and dry and warmer conditions will be with us right on through the entire five-day work stretch. here is a look at the roads. freezing mark in the north bay as well as the east bay. napa 33. 43 for san francisco. 38, peninsula, san mateo and 35 for san jose. here is the setup. strong rimming of high pressure responsible for the next five to seven days of dry weather. it will kick the jetstream to the north of us so no rain expected. mild offshore winds and sunny and a little warmer for your monday. we progress into thursday and friday, the high settles over the bay area and we could actually feel temperatures near 70 degrees. it is going to be dry but quite mild out there. 64 expected high in santa rosa tomo
are extremely low. and the numbers are dropping into the 30s in napa, novato. also into fair field. livermore, at 37. we have widespread 40s for the east bay. where are the winds? livermore, that's where the wind is the coldest. it's creating friction. let's take you outside our sky camera network on this monday. almost tuesday, folks. it's clear here in san jose. and also right up into san francisco at this hour. we do have some haze, some fog at the immediate coastline. but as far as widespread inland fog, that's not in the cords for tomorrow. we have a huge dome of high pressure. it's locked in the pacific. it looks like august in september here on the weather pattern. a slight dry, northerly wind. not any kind of big-time beach weather. up the immediate coastline, we'll find some mid-50s in the forecast. if you go to the beach, you'll need the layers with you. definitely the jacket. temperatures in the 60s. going to be two hitches in the forecast. the first will come with our air quality, going to moderate levels tomorrow, in the north, central and for the south bay, with relatively still
a truck off to the median at the livermore area the light traffic and road work at northern portion of the golden gate bridge. no traffic on the golden gate bridge. >> sonoma county investigators are trying to determine the cause of a warehouse fire with flames reported after 8:00 last night on grove street between highway 101 and heals bug with flames on the room and the building was fully engulfed. it took crews 90 minutes to control the flames. >> developing news from santa clara. investigators found home made bombs and chemicals and blowing them up. >> they detonated the explosive material in the front yard. officers found the blast items while serving a search warrant on a 45-year-old yesterday. this is the scene from sky 7. officials say he was wanted for making a threat against a public official and arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and detonating an explosive device. police will not say exactly when or where that happened. we will take you live to the seen for a report from abc7 news reporter cornell bernard. >> pope benedict has wrapped up the first public appearance
in concord and livermore and san jose today. soit was a nice day. sunny, mild thursday through saturday. cooling beginning sunld. showers likely into tuesday and wednesday. looks like you're going to need um brem brelas. high pressure holding and going to bring us a dry pattern through monday. changes will be on tuesday and into wednesday, tomorrow morning into some valleys so thursday morning valentine's day morning starting out foggy. give yourself extra time. and it's going to be chilly so if you'rehz$m peting loved ones make sure that you're bundled up. 38 in livermore, low 40s in palo alto. tomorrow afternoon, 68 in san jose. going to warm up to 70 degrees in los gatos. 68 in mountain view. low 60s. downtown san francisco, blue skies 64 degrees up into north bay. 70s for february. xç rosa. upper 60s in oakland. livermore near 70 degrees. 70s in watsonville. accu-weather forecast warmer for valentine's day. and friday, weekend featuring a slow cooling trend. much cooler by then, and then, looking at tuesday, rain low owe to mid-50s, showers for wednesday. some wet weather early as
trains were delayed for an hour but were moved to a single track to go around the scene. >> a livermore mother who served time in prison for having sex with underage boys is back in jail. the 44-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010 and was called "hummer mom" for the s.u.v. she used for her sexual encounters and arrested friday in hayward for parole violation. authorities have not said what she did to get arrested or when she was out of prison but is held in jail with no option for bail. >> this morning the city of san francisco and giants have plans for a major re-development project south of at&t park focusing on pier 48 which stands next to at&t park's main parking lot. the chronicle reports that anchor braking will build a restaurant and museum with production and distribution facility. the project will quadruple the output from 120,000 to 600,000 of barrels of beer a year. our reporter will have more on the economic impact of the project in the next half hour. >> ski resort operators expect up to 1.5' of snow on the mountains and many students are on winter break,
and double digits in concord and livermore and 11 to 12 degrees cooler in hayward and eight in santa rosa. most of us in the 30's to near 40 degrees this morning. by this afternoon hours we will have mostly sunny conditions and five to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-50's along the coast, and upper 50's to low 60's for most of us during the afternoon hours around the bay and inland. as we move failure, we will jump a little bit each day, mostly sunny thursday, partly cloudy friday and a slight chance of a shower on saturday and an insider slider heads to the sierra and nevada more than it will the bay area. we will keep an eye on it. and an eye on traffic. sue? >> we go back to los altos hills with an accident southbound 280, blocking the left lane, and emergency crews and tow truck getting to the scene and a new accident 580 at the altamont pass road exit a car hit the embankment. we will check on that in the next couple of minutes. elsewhere we have no mass transit delays but as amy was telling us this is a water main break in the northeast area so the cable car will be a bus s
now in concord, low 60s for oakland and livermore, middle 60s in santa rosa. a beautiful day in sanoma county. san san jose. we have the radar fired up and the national radar service in the south bay. as you would expect we are completely dry. now, in january, february, combine the two months we average 21 cloudy days. that is really not that bad considering that it is wintertime. this january and february we have had only four cloudy days and i am pretty confident we will they that way for the rest of february. we are talking 59 days, only four of them cloudy. it will be cheer tonight, that will lead the chill he temperatures, down to 36, fremont, 38. redwood city, 38. here is the set up in the skies above us. all about high pressure which is just strong enough and just close enough to, yet again, deflect another storm system to our north. the rain is far south taking the storm track, keeping it up to the north, the sierra may see snow shower bus we will stay dry and mostly sunny. that will be that way for the entire week. more storms
this afternoon got up to 69 in napa.dcw4í 67 degrees in san jose. 64 in livermore so above normal and mild. cool tonight breezy at times, mild weekend with high clouds and a pattern change coming about next week. winter could be coming back before you know it. take advantage of the weather if you're going to the beach this weekend wanting to soak up sun there is something i do need to tell you about. beach hazard statement for high risk sneaker waves. this is up from tonight until sunday morning. stay away from water's edge. large waves are expected. and tochl morning chilly again. 34 in nappa. down to 40 in vallejo and antioch. 36 in livermore. so this set up tells it all. high pressure is a strong ridge. to the bay area just yet. here is what we're going to notice. filtered sun. high clouds coming in from the south. if you're planning to travel, partly cloudy. mid-60s. you know niners are sure to win, let's go, niners. high temperatures, 65 in san jose. san francisco, oakland 61 degrees. temperatures looking like this. 6s in monterey. not beach weather. accu-weather forecast spare the air day
. and later died. a livermore mother. fresh out of state prison. is now being questioned by police about a cyber- bullying attack against one of her victims. christine hubbs. seen in this video from a earlier court date. was convicted of having sex with two teenage boys. she was arrested on friday for a parole violation. just days after being released. then on saturday, police tell kron 4 news. threatening messages about one of the victims appeared online. livermore police tell us, the victim was frightened and called 9-1-1. the posts have been removed from the internet. police are still investigating. what role hubbs had in posting the threatening messages. in national news tonight. president obama is considering weighing in. on gay marriage here in california. the administration is considering whether to urge the u.s. supreme court to overturn the state's ban on gay marriage. it has until february 28 to intervene. california voters approved the ballot initiative in 2008. that overturned a state supreme court decision allowing gay marriage. 29 other states have constitutional amendments
back to livermore so, still, a slow-go area. a san jose man accused of a terror plot to blow up an oakland bank will appear in court. the 28-year-old defendant is a taliban sympathizer who planned to destroy the bank of america on friday. he was arrested after trying to activate a car bomb parked in front of the bank. an underdiscover f.b.i. agent designed something that looked like a bomb but was harmless. civil rights advocates question whether he was capable of carrying out the plot with a documented mental illness. >> we will shift gears from land to sea, ahead the new location where coffee lovers can get a java jolt. >> he calls it a childish spectacle turning down an in >> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> we are back and looking at the satellite and radar, notice the jet stream, the storm track to the north we are starting to see that offshore wind develop, and that will bring us warmer weather headed through today and especially tomorrow and friday. we starting off with a little bit of fog, a few clouds near the cost trying to push
tonight. we'll have the latest into what caused this explosion. a livermore woman. arrested again. why this mother. convicted for having sex with two underage teenage boys. is back behind bars tonight. and: san francisco's anchor steam brewery announces big plans near the giants ballpark. that's next. >> developing right now.we're learning more about the gas explosion and massive fire in kansas city we showed you live earlier tonight. at least 14 people are injured and it's still unclear if anyone was killed. it happened in an upscale shopping district in the city. j-j's restaurant was destroyed. the fire burned out of control for over an finally getting the flames under control.and now they're looking for survivors. the cause of this exoplosion is still unclear. the city manager says there was a gas leak, and the explosion may have been caused by an accident involving a utility contractor. however, earlier, a police spokesperson said it looked like a car crashed into a gas main near the restaurant. we'll keep you posted on this developing story out of kansas city, m
of parole, no contact with her two victims. she is not even allowed in the city of livermore and may not possess pornography. the porn may not be her only parole violation. >> i can tell that one condition was possession of pornography. there are a couple of other conditions that we are still investigating right now. >> hubbs is waiting for a hearing that could give her a maximum of 90 more days of custody. she is back in jail in dublin, the same place i met her two years ago where she seemed to downplay her crimes of sex with under age boys. >> they are good kids. they are gonna be fine. they will go on and be successful. it doesn't have to be this -- nobody was ever pushed -- i never pushed them into anything. >> are you really accepting full responsibility for being the one who called the shots? >> but i do feel that i was pushed too from the boy. >> by a 14-year-old boy? >> yes. i shouldn't have let that happen, but i was. >> livermore police tell me they are investigating whether hubbs was behind a case of cyberbullying on facebook and twitter involving criminal threats against
in the city of livermore and may not possess pornography. the porn may not be her only parole violation. >> i can tell that one condition was possession of pornography. there are a couple of other conditions that we are still investigating right now. >> hubbs is waiting for a hearing that could give her a maximum of 90 more days of custody. she is back in jail in dublin, the same place i met her two years ago where she seemed to downplay her crimes of sex with under age boys. >> they are good kids. they are gonna be fine. they will go on and be successful. it doesn't have to be this -- nobody was ever pushed -- i never pushed them into anything. >> are you really accepting full responsibility for being the one who called the shots? >> but i do feel that i was pushed too from the boy. >> by a 14-year-old boy? >> yes. i shouldn't have let that happen, but i was. >> livermore police tell me they are investigating whether hubbs was behind a case of cyberbullying on facebook and twitter involving criminal threats against one of her victims made just hours after her arrest. >> who did the threats c
and 6 this morning. more overnight roadwork out of livermore. eastbound lanes of 580 approaching north greenville road, various lanes blocked. they are saying until 11:00 this morning. in the meantime in the commute direction it's still free and clear out of tracy towards the dublin interchange. here's another live look at the golden gate bridge. they haven't started the lane changes yet. a few headlights coming into san francisco. so far no delay all the way through marin county. and a quick check on bart which just started operating this morning. all trains are on time. back to you. >> thank you. >>> anyone who droves here in the bay area knows that gas prices are high now but there may soon be some relief. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran in emeryville to explain. >> reporter: this is according to the survey that came out yesterday. i'm sure drivers could say we want the relief and it can't come soon enough. prices here for a gallon of regular are $4.23. again, the survey says drivers could see relief sometime at the pump soon. the survey has
and as for temperatures are looking right now with mid 40's in the north bay. and upper 40's through livermore and a san jose the afternoon highs are going to be 60s through livermore. with patchy fog. 60s in the los gatos and had a good towards the north bay. 60s in santa rosa. 60s in napa. as we take a look your kron at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. >> the 49ers merchandise is flying off the shelves. they have been spending millions of dollars. we will be back. . well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's al
to deter copper theft. live in livermore, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> today, mississippi's governor will be out seeing the tornado damage that injured more than a dozen people. homes and businesses were damaged in hattiesburg yesterday. a state of emergency was declared on the university of southern mississippi. that's where the tornado damaged several buildings, the haititysburg -- the hattiesburg school district canceled the schools because of the damage. a lot of people are saying this is the damage that reminds them of hurricane katrina. >>> new england is still recovering from a powerful weekend snowstorm. many highways were cleared. so most people could return to work this morning and power is being restored. warmer temperatures could bring rain instead of snow. but there's still concern that roofs may collapse under the added weight. the storm is blamed for at least 15 deaths in the northeast and canada. >>> things are getting back to normal at san francisco international airport this morning after a weekend of cancellations from this nor'easter. dozens of flights
head lights in just a moment. >> good morning. the time is 4:29 . livermore is 36 degrees. mostly clear skies. a high of 63 with sunshine and also passing clouds as a weak front approach. we will stay dry. >> looking at the warm-up coming this way years erica with your weather. the morning. >> good morning anny. a lot of people are excited we are talking seventies in the forecast and the weekend. looking at current temperatures. 43 in san carlos. mid '40's and san francisco. 50 in oakland. taking a look at the temperatures into the afternoon plenty of 60s. we will see high, passing clouds of mostly sunny skies. mountain view 63. the sign for sunbelt. 64 in santa clara. similar conditions in the east bay. richmond 61. 63 for hayward. mid-60's for pittsburgh. downtown san francisco 61. navato the 2. a mile the day. looking at satellite radar we have activity to our north and the pacific northwest. that will bring rain to that area but it will stick to our north. we will experience possible cooler temperatures than yesterday's. also passing clouds. we will kick things up a notch heading in
step out, in the upper 30's and concord and livermore and los gatos and low-to-mid 40's in other neighborhoods and we have 48 in san francisco, and 51 in oakland for the warm spot. today, we will start off around 39 to 45, and we will see increasing sunshine as we head throughout the day, and low-to-mid 50's are the lunch time temperatures. if you hanging around outside and stuff is blooming in the yard, not bad at mid-50's to around 60, and we will have mid-40's to low 50's at 7:00. tomorrow, the temperatures are the same but the cooling comes in for wednesday and cooler with a first chance of light rain in a long time on thursday. sue? >> we are going to the sonoma area, near the sonoma raceway a hit-and-run accident with a car on the right hand shoulder and we do not see major delays for the time being. we will keep you posted on that. back to san jose, north 87 at 101, a tow truck on the scene to get the spin out of the center delays with brief delays moving northbound, and here is a look at your traffic commute, 87, as we showed you and 85 to 101, less than ten minutes, and
in livermore right now. cal tran essentially saying they have seen 59 metering lights vandalized around the bay area in just the past year. and crews have only been able to fix 18 of them so far. problem is it costs about $35,000 to repair those meters and cal tran essentially just says they are having trouble keeping up. and in the meantime that is leading to more backup for drivers. part of the problem is the price of copper. it has tripled in the past four years. cal tran and other agencies they are trying to fight back. they are actually using aluminum wire instead of copper wire. and another technique they have started is actually keeping a lot of these boxes like the one you're looking at here in an off site location. so they are not next to the freeway metering lights. they are in a separate location. that is the situation. potentially all of these copper thefts across california contributing to more traffic and more backups on the row roadways. coming up we will talk about a new law meant to deter copper thieves. >>> the man hunt continues for the former los angeles police officer wante
in richmond and san francisco and third of an inch in hayward and livermore. another live view from high definition east bay camera in emeryville, current temperature readings, it's getting chilly out there. 45 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 46. high definition, southeast camera and water mark building in downtown san francisco, current readings in santa rosa, napa, 44 degrees. 43 in fairfield. 40 in gilroy. getting chilly all around the bay area. we were sent this picture today on ureport showing snow on top of mount diablo which should not surprise you now. it continues to fall in some spots. things are changing rather significantly. forecast feature showers are ending tonight. see some light snow above 2,000 feet but mostly sunny tomorrow and snow is ending along with the showers. satellite composite animation shows the frontal system well to our south right now. cold air and some moisture still trailing behind the front but the big story for us is the cold air. let's start our forecast animation this evening, there will be spots of scattered precipitation overnight but mainly off
right new in san jose and livermore along with concord and 41 in novato but it is freezing in napa and sap -- santa rosa. today, we will have sunny conditions. it will be milder with temperatures from 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. mostly clear and cold again tonight. we will have frost inland and a slow warming trend this afternoon and tomorrow and friday afternoon. yesterday, while we were sleeping, the wet weather slid to southern california. this next system up here is going to slide inside and the storm track now will move over washington, oregon, nevada, idaho, utah, and bypass us. we will have the cold air for at least a couple of days during the overnight hours. if you have been protecting the pets and plants you may have to do it tonight and tomorrow. now, this afternoon, it will be mostly sunny and we will have a few puffy clouds. up the peninsula, our warm spot is redwood city at 60 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's with 54 today at half moon bay and 56 in daly city and south san francisco and downtown san francisco 57 this afternoon and in the upper 50'
.25" below average same in livermore. we are dry in january. no change through the first week or so of february. this is atmospheric water content. water vapor you see the white that's typically where we get rainfall because we have a lot of moisture where you see the dark we are just bone dry. that's what's going on over northern california. so the catalyst for that is a big area of high pressure. there's a lot of moisture on the periphery of it all the way around the edge of the system here but high pressure not moving deflecting all of the moisture all the rain all the cloud cover away from us. so until it moves, it's decided it's not going to through the weekend we'll stay mainly dry mainly sunny and darn we're stuck in the low to mid-60s for highs. so several more dry days. if anything it will be a week from now before we see any arena here in the bay area. clear nights, yes, sunny afternoons, yes. mild through monday, that includes super bowl sunday, chances are you're going to go to a friend's house or family member's house. it's going to b
commute. tomorrow at 1:00, livermore, redwood city, san jose getting moderate rainfall. snow levels are going to drop. if you near live st. helena, don't be surprised if you see light at the top of these mountains. the snow level will reichly drop down to 2,000 feet by tomorrow evening. we will have the full forecast in about nine minutes. >> thanks, paul. >>> it is the shove being felt across college basketball. cal coach montgomery getting physical with the star player. we have the reaction from kpix 5's don knapp. >> emotions overtook cal coach. it was the kind of thing that could end a coach's career. he had a quick response. the shoved player was diplomat exsaying he is my coach and there are no hard feelings. i have to leave it at that. it motivated me. >> we most certainly have a problem when disrespect begins to come from the top because you are teaching young people something about being young men, about being responsible adult citizens and so forth. >> coach montgomery later aa poll -- apologized. it also brings to mind other acts from
, concord, pittsburg and antioch off the highway four corridor at 66 degrees and 580 to livermore at 67 and low-to-mid 40's and the bay and to the coast tonight. the seven-day outlook is warmer tomorrow, and you can see we crack the 70's on thursday and everywhere away from the coast in the 70's on friday, and 70's hold on saturday and then it will be cooler sunday and monday and temperatures are mild, away from the coast in the mid-to-upper 60's. have a great day. >> in san jose, it is clear and traffic concerns light, northbound 87 beyond the h.p. pavilion, very good drive. the eat shore freeway beyond university overcrossing into the remainryville -- into the emeryville area, you have a bit of company. we have metal in the lanes that has been moving around the westbound 80 lanes and c.h.p. may have to do a quick traffic break to clear that. otherwise remark is getting by without delay. north 101 the road work continues and is right there at the village with the right lanes blocked. >> it is 5:18. lowe's is getting rid of excess inventory at bargain prices. >> a baby caught red handed
're following out of the east bay. where the livermore mother convicted having sex in jail. we'll tell you why. next a car crash triggering a major explosion in kansas city, missouri. you are looking video just ago. it appears the crash ruptured a gas line. at least five people are hurt. on. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story -- unless and bring you any updates as developing right now at five -- a winter storm hitting this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news over the livermore >> jacqueline: spotty showers will time this out cost. >> tonight, kron4 crews are tracking the storm -- from a snow covered santa cruz -- to the east bay. where road conditions are dangerous. the cold rain turned to snow and for a while there -- kron4's rob fladeboe shows us -- it was really coming down. >> reporter: highway 9, about 32 degrees. there was some heavy rain showers earlier today but that is all turned to smell. the accumulations, turning that to snow-. they are working on keeping this-clear. with some possible snow flurries and the chance that there could be chances over
in livermore. all right. it's traffic time. for that we head to elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. it's a nice time to be out on the roads so far this morning. things are busy in some spots. a lot of the overnight roadwork and incidents are gone. we have metering lights on over at the bay bridge. they just turned them on a couple of minutes ago so now we have delays in the cash lanes especially. pretty soon there will be delays i'm sure in the fastrak lanes, as well. elsewhere to the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at 101 and trimble. this is in the south bay. 101 through san jose so far still moving at top speeds. 280 and guadalupe parkway just fine. westbound 4 this is definitely one of the slow spots always slow at this time of the morning. right there as you approach as street and westbound 580 our mobile 1 unit traveling through tracy, it's still stop and go towards about vasco road in livermore. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> we are getting a look at the three men police want to find in connection with a triple hom
after a few 70s, numbers are starting to cool off and rapidly. 61 in san jose and 59 in livermore, we are tracking this surge of clouds. we will let you know what it means coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> tonight, the prime minister in turkey iblaming a leftist group for a bombing outside the embassy. secretary of state hillary clinton said that this bombing highlights the dangerous times we live in right now. she said her final goodbyes to the staffers thanking them for making the world a stronger, safer and fairer place. >> i'm proud to have been secretary of state. i will miss you. i will probably be dialing ops just to talk. >> clinton was very popu
remarkable is happening here in the bay area and the beautiful rolling hills and vineyards of livermore.'s cm it's camp arroyo. >> abc7 is proud to bring you the stories of some incredibly courageous people battling life-threatening diseases. in our special program called i just like me." ♪ >> it's amazing be be here with all these kids. it's exciting and reminds me what i need to do. >> the taylor family foundation brings kids together like these through camp arroyo. >> thank you fay legislator family foundation! >> they partnered with the east bay regional park district in 1997 to build this state of
as six degrees from this time yesterday. 60 right now in livermore and antioch, and only 5 4 , overcast sky in san jose. the clouds will be with us. we'll look for a little fog developing, especially in the protected valley areas overnight. hazy sunshine on top for the supersunday, and then get ready for changes next week. it will be cooler and also there's a chance of showers. now, there is a beach hazard up tonight through early tomorrow morning for dangerous sneaker waves. stay back from the water's edge and avoid slippery rocks and don't ever turn your back to the surf. looks like it will just be overnight and tomorrow afternoon that will be lifted. it will be cool in the north bay, temperatures upper 30s to near 40 degrees. we'll see clouds near san rafael. 48 over overnight low for san francisco. antioch, 45. 40, livermore, san jose, you'll wake up to a little light fog. high pressure will continue to sit right near the coast for at least the next two days before the jet stream dives down over the bay area to bring us increasing clouds and much cooler temperatures, and also the th
. temperatures mostly in the 50s. still near 60 degrees in livermore. fairfield 60. a look at the satellite and radar, to the south, some shower activity around the central coast. we'll let you know if that's headed into your sunday forecast when we come back. >>> sports fever is gripping the bay area, the 49ers and the sharks undefeated. >> and it might get better after tonight's sharks game. kimberly tere has a look for us. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: it's a great time to be a sports fan in the bay area. the san jose sharks are off to a great start this season. their best start in franchise history. winning their first seven games. this is video of the team practicing earlier today. tonight the team could wrap up a perfect six-game home stand if they win against the national predators. we caught up with some of the sharks players who say they're excited about their season but are also happy for the niners who are playing in tomorrow's super bowl. they agree, this is a great time for sports in the bay area and hope to be a part of the magic. >> it's been great. i'm a huge giants fan, san
, livermore. 56 in napa. 54, san francisco. half moon bay, 50. 54 in san jose, clear sky there here is a look at our forecast. we'll continue with those low clouds and a little bit of patchy fog overnight. now, it will be with is tomorrow morning and then we'll look for mid-day clearing. tomorrow looks terrific. enjoy the next couple of days because the weather pattern is going to change by mid-week. the rain will turn on thursday, and looks like a colder air mass will settle in as well. speaking of cold, temperatures tonight, where we do not have the cloud cover, that's where temperatures will start to dip down into the upper 30s, such as the napa valley, santa rosa, san francisco overnight, 45. we'll look at the fog together right near the coast. 38 for half moon bay. 41 for san jose and 37 for livermore. this is the setup. this high has just been sitting over the pacific northwest. the jet stream well to the north of us. but things are going to start to change mid-week. this high will stay positioned right over us. so the dry weather pattern will stay with us through wednesday, and then af
of clouds cover temperatures are cooler. upper '30's in concord and livermore. 40 in oakland. mild in downtown san francisco at 46 degrees. >> into the afternoon expected mid to upper 50s. >> san jose at 58. an afternoon high of 57 in santa clara. >> mainly clear skies. we did see cloud cover yesterday's it lingered into the afternoon hours. >> we did see clear skies for the late afternoon at 4 the evening. >> today we will mostly see blue skies and sunshine. walnut creek 59. 59 expected in castro valley. >> downtown san francisco at 56. >> the same for navato . >> 58 in san mateo. >> satellite and radar shows clear skies but a cold front will drop down and track its way from north to south. >> the shower activity will develop in time for your morning commute. it will be along the coast and maybe around the heart of the bay. the green indicates relatively light rain. >> rainfall amounts will not be impressive with this system. order of an inch of rain potentially more along the coastal ranges. >> by 2:00 p.m. daily light rain in the livermore valley. in the south bay you will see c
and police officer lore -- and livermore and los gatos at 37. around the monterey bay, upper 30's to mid-40's. brighter today and close to average temperatures. cooler with showers tomorrow and friday and we will rebound with sunny conditions and warmer weather this weekend. today we will stretch from 55 at half moon bay, a cool spot and san francisco and richmond at 356 to antioch and fairfield at 60. we will be 59 in oakland and san jose. 56 in monterey and everyone else in the bay and inland is flirting with 60 degrees. tonight, clouds will roll in, keep the temperatures up, in the upper 30's to mid-40's, and notice the rain is still up to the north during the morning hours at least the early morning. here is what happened year, the cold front came through, the clouds cleared and we are dealing with cooler weather and the next system coming in and it will bring that chance of rain. so we will map it out. 24 hours from now or close you can see the showers, still, in the north bay but moving into the heart of the bay during the end of the morning rush hour and sliding through the south bay a
morning bundle your little ones up. temperatures are plunging. 32 livermore, 33 fremont. 35 in san jose. 34 morgan hill. chilly around oakland and half moon bay. upper 30s. 41 in san francisco. and vallejo, dwváaá to 34 degrees. southern california getting our wet and snow we saw atop some of our local highest peaks. behind we have this colder, drier air. so we're going to notice those plunging temperatures next couple mornings. upside is that we'll have a nice, dry weekend. high pressure:hbq building n the storms will be diverted north of us and east of us. plenty of sunshine np los gatos, pin anyone slarks mid to upper 50s, millbrae, 55. coastal areas, clear. 53 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 56 degrees. 54 in the sunset district. north bay communities low 60s clover dale. clear lake, 57 degrees. 60s in oakland. inland communities upper 50s. 57 livermore and dublin. and enjoy sunshine around the monterey bay. it's going to be beautiful. 55 in monterey. 53 carmel. accu-weather forecast it's dry and milder, spring will be into the air. i know, it'soz÷ early. low to mid 60s andq
to be colt. with a cold start to you're saturday. temperatures already in the low 40's. 37 in the livermore. 41 degrees in the san jose a. we will continue see those numbers dropping. and here is the satellite and radar with clear skies. high pressure in control building off the coast. while this dry air mass will continue to see chilly conditions but plenty of sunshine. with lots of sunshine and a bit warmer. it might feel press. sunny but this, returning of springlike conditions. here is a look at the futurecast. temperatures in the 40's along the shore. 30's in the north bay. and the south bay and san jose. putting the clock into motion. and temperatures are going to warm up into the 40's. many should be in the 50s by lunch. by 2:00 p.m., amid fifties. most of us will top out at mid '50s before we see warmer conditions. the warm will bottom out. 30's in the same material. low 40's in richmond 28 degrees. pleasanton, 33. livermore even colder. but will warm things up into the mid '50s. sunnyvale. temperatures also in the mid '50s in the north bay. and your kron 4 7 day around the bay look
, 57. 55, livermore. 50 at the coast. half moon bay. so, here's a look at how we faired this time -- well, actually, today compared to yesterday. up four degrees in novato, up one degree in san francisco. half moon bay 50,. up three in antioch. and get used to the temperatures going up because that's exactly what we can expect next week. so get ready for a cold night overnight with some frost inland, sunshine for your sunday, and then the grad all warming will take place as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. lows tonight, near the freezing mark in the north bay. santa rosa, 34, 33, napa. a little milder towards the peninsula as well as san francisco and oakland, with temperatures in the mid-to-low 40s, but it's still going to be cold all across the bay area, thanks to high pressure starting to build in, bringing down a cold air mass from the north northeast. so this will stay with us overnight tonight. you can see the clear sky, so any of the heat from today is just going to radiate away. in terms of sunday, monday, tuesday, the next seven days, high pressure is going t
now in livermore and 46 clear skies in san jose. here is a look at our forecast. cold overnight. we will introduce frosted in east and north bay locations. a sunny sunday for you. we will gradually warm up as we head into the latter part of next week. here is a look at anticipated lows, dropped a few degrees because we are dropping off rapidly. below freezing for santa rosa and napa. best likelihood of seeing the frost. 45 for strategy and 33 for livermore and 38 degrees overnight tonight in san jose. the system that brought us the showers on friday has since moved to the east. we have a high pressure and as it build in it is bringing the north-northeast winds and bringing us colder air mass. it will be cold overnight. the high starts to establish it on sunday and monday. it's going to park itself close to the coast. it's going to kick the storm track well to the north of us, look for this weather pattern to hold for at least about 5-7 days. dry and mild conditions right on in through all of next week. we're talking at the latter part of the workweek, temperatures will start to heat
. upper 50s in livermore. ellite and radar shows we are clear for now. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows clear sunny conditions. it will be cold for some of the inland lows. again afternoon highs topping out at 60 degrees as we had in closer to thursday. >> more on your extended forecast in my next report. >> the traffic center no hot spots. the approach the bay bridge toll plaza a pleasant ride out of oakland and san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge nothing to report that drive 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge no delays or problems with visibility coming out marin county. >> developing stores were following out of a vatican city this morning. the vatican says pope benedict the 16th will resign on february 28th. his path to spacy began in 2005. >> last year the pope started using a cane on occasions and recently he appear to have trouble reading part of an address he delivered in rome. this reportedly only the second time head of catholic church has stepped down and according to reports, it comes off as a surprise. >> topping our news here in cal
. the temperatures show we were freezing this morning. sonoma, napa, livermore, pretty close in fairfield and concord at 33 and a lot of mid-30's to upper 30's to the coast, and san francisco is the odd number out there at 46 degrees. now, a look at what is going on right now temperatures are soaring in the north bay with a down sloping wind from higher elevation to lower elevation, it compresses and heats and you are in the 60's while we are in the 50's. to the monterey bay and inland from 48 in santa cruz to 55 in monterey. the he lights include sunny and mild this afternoon. clean and clear and chilly tonight and a few isolated areas could see frost inland. there you go, no strong storms for the next seven days is how far we will go. napa is three degrees warmer than average, livermore, too, oakland, and redwood city and san francisco, all where we should be in the low-to-mid 60's. to the coast, we should hit the low 60's today with that land breeze, the offshore wind, chasing the clouds in the cooler weather away from us of the monterey with a few spots in the 50's and 357, the rest of bay inland
, and the lack of cloud cover, also. the temperatures show we were freezing this morning. sonoma, napa, livermore, pretty close in fairfield and concord at 33 and a lot of mid-30's to upper 30's to the coast, and san francisco is the odd number out there at 46 degrees. now, a look at what is going on right now temperatures are soaring in the north bay with a down sloping wind from higher elevation to lower elevation, it compresses and heats and you are in the 60's while we are in the 50's. to the monterey bay and inland from 48 in santa cruz to 55 in monterey. the he lights include sunny and mild this afternoon. clean and clear and chilly tonight and a few isolated areas could see frost inland. there you go, no strong storms for the next seven days is how far we will go. napa is three degrees warmer than average, livermore, too, oakland, and redwood city and san francisco, all where we should be in the low-to-mid 60's. to the coast, we should hit the low 60's today with that land breeze, the offshore wind, chasing the clouds in the cooler weather away from us of the monterey with a few spots in t
in livermore. widespread 30's again tonight. areas of fog and frost. the good news is that there will be another mild afternoons. in fact, a few degrees warmer than today. that warming trend will continue with loewen 70's and portions of the bay area. we will take a look at temperatures in your area, coming up. >> pam: also, a member of the navy seals breaks his silence of the rate of osama bin laden. and also, a very surprising finding on a drug bust. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. >> vacaville police find a baby alligator.during a marijuana arrest in vacaville. the suspected
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